The FADED Channel

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The FADED Channel Marketplace

The marketplace was designed to bring together everything that an angler could need. It was specifically built to allow small manufacturers who aren't in the big box stores to showcase their products. In addition to selling and buying equipment the marketplace is also designed to connect influencers with potential sponsors all in one location.


Our story.

How did it all begin?

During my YouTube career I've connected with numerous other creators and built a community of passionate fishing enthusiast. What I noticed was people were going to different places to buy or sell things like lures, guiding services, hats, shirts, rods, reels and everything else. So I thought, wouldn't it be great if there was a marketplace to bring all anglers together to do all that? That's how The FADED Channel's fishing marketplace was born.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to bring the fishing community together to do commerce. Specifically the small manufacturers who want to get more exposure to buyers and increase their sales. We're also connecting the YouTube fishing community with potential sponsors looking for that perfect creator match to represent their products.

Who is your audience?

This marketplace is for everyone that loves to fish! Buy, Sell, Trade, Give it away for free. Small and large manufacturers are welcomed, professional guides, amateur guides, small fishing YouTubers, big fishing YouTubers. Everyone is welcomed!

Who are you?

Hi, my name is Dejay (aka Big D) and I'm the founder of the FADED Channel. My passion for fishing has no bounds and I'll go to the ends of the Earth to fish. I started my YouTube channel to show my kids that anyone can make money on it if you put some effort into it. Along the way I fell in love with helping my viewers catch fish as well as showing them new ways to cook it. Of course what would fishing be without a few adult beverages so I show them what wine, beer or spirit to pair with the fish as well. I built this marketplace for you! Go ahead and list your new lures or sell an old rod and reel combo you don't need anymore. Go ahead and create a post looking for sponsorship if you're a small YouTuber or even a bigger channel. Feel free to give away items if you want. Let's build the community and grow it together!

Big D, Founder and Community Leader

Big D

Founder and Community Leader